Scope of Pharmacy

Academic Education

Teaching, Research & Training at UG. PG. Doctoral and Post-doctoral level.

Marketing & Sales

Marketing Managements, Products management, Medico-marketing services, Product promotion, Export and import management, Business management, retail & wholsale, Distribution & Logistic.

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy

Dispensing, Compounding, Documentation of medical records, Drug Information Center, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring.

Global Opportunities

Indian Pharmacist well accepted by Western Countries like U.S.A, Canada, U.K. and as well as Australia and new-Zealand as a community pharmacist and Hospital Pharmacist. They can also serve in Industry.

Community Pharmacy

Patient education, awareness, Counseling, Drug Information Services, Patient medications related records and education

Research & Development

Drug Discovery Process & formulation Development, Natural Product & Herbal Research, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Technology and Bioinformatics Metabolic and pharmacokinetic Research, Clinical Research, Intellectual property Management.


Production divisions of bulk drugs, intermediates formulations, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, toiletries, dentifrices, Blood & Plasma derived products, surgical dressing and structures, Biological & Biotechnological products, Herbals and Ayurvedic formulations, perfumery products, Biocides & Pesticides, fragrances and aromatics, Neutraceuticals food and Beverages and Veterinary formulation.

Analysis & Testing

Analysis and Testing of foods, water, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals intermediates, Diagnostic reagents and Bioassays, Immunological and radioimmunoassay

Regulatory Affairs

Licensing and Monitoring vigilance Manufacturing, Quality Control Assurance, Storage, Distribution, Sales of drugs and Pharmaceuticals through Food and Drug Administration and Drug Controller General Of India.