General Rules & Regulations

Ragging in any form (teasing, abuse, physical torture, etc.) is strictly prohibited and punishable
according to the government of Maharashtra’s anti-ragging ordinance of 1999. The punishment is
to the extent of two years rigorous imprisonment, fine of Rs. 10,000/-, dismissal from the
1) Students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the college and help maintain
discipline on the campus. Students indulging in the acts of indiscipline will be severely dealt
with as per the rules and regulations framed by the college authorities from time to time to
maintain discipline.
2) The students must follow the instructions given on the notice boards and hence they must
regularly take the note of the display of the same.
3) Minimum 75% attendance is mandatory. Strict disciplinary actions will be taken against
irregular students.
4) Students should possess their identity cards in person always in the campus.
5) Use of mobile phones and smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
6) Photography in the campus is not allowed.
7) Vehicles must be parked at the designated places only.
8) Always help to keep the campus clean. Writing anything on the walls and benches of the
classroom etc., throwing scrap anywhere in the campus is prohibited.
9) Regard college properties as your own and protect and use them with care, avoiding any kind
of damage.
10) Shouting, causing nuisance, speaking in reading hall, loitering in the college porch is
11) Visitors are not allowed in the campus unless special permission is granted.
12) Students must follow all the rules in the laboratories, library and sports complex.
13) Educational tours may be conducted by the college strictly with prior permission of
principal. The risk and responsibilities of participation in such educational tours lie
exhaustively on the students and their parents. College will not acknowledge and be
responsible for any trips conducted without the permission of the college authorities.
14) No student should participate in antisocial or anti college campaign.
15) Students must participate and effectively cooperate in all extracurricular and cultural
activities organized by the college and also be constructive in maintaining discipline of the
16) Students using unfair means during the examination in the examination hall shall be
severely dealt with.
17) Formation of any organization or student forum shall not be entertained in the college.
18) The examination forms of the students having less than the percentage of attendance as
prescribed by the university shall be withheld till valid reason is provided for the same.
19) Treat the teaching and non-teaching staff and fellow colleagues with respect.
20) Resist the temptation of seeking for “out of turn favors”.